Design Systems Thinking Post 2 / by Jessica Clark

I found this project to be really inspiring. Not only did this creative team focus strongly on their audience in ideation, but they delivered a project that solved a problem for that audience. The Nothing project really inspires me as an artist. When I think of a project that assesses who they are talking to, strategizes and creates, I now think of this project. The issue this Rhode Island team tackled was a lack of donation towards food banks while the area was severely being hit with food shortage issues. The Rhode Island team realized no one was donating cash to the cause so they decided to make something physical, something people could walk into the store and purchase while supporting the cause. I felt this ideation was a terrific response to their users as they analyzed the behavior of customers and adapted to a design goal. The cans themselves are empty when you break the seal, bland colored and very sterile in comparison to another food branding because they wanted to communicate the loss of these resources. Stores said having these cans on market shelves encouraged customers to donate through purchasing and struck up several conversations about the issue at hand. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 9.56.31 AM.png