NASA design / by Jessica Clark

David Delgato + Dan Goods talk about experience design in this video. They tell us about their experience and intent behind some of the installations they have made in their careers. They tell us about a few different visual pieces and the way that they hope for the world to experience them. The first couple designs they walked us through contained elements such as light, fog, and heafty materials. These projects were very interestingly constructed all with creative intent for learning purposes. Another project they talked about involved sound to tell a story. A huge project they tackled was in relation to Juno, which is a space orbit that was launched. They designed a way of communicating with morse code to the Juno spacecraft from radio transmissions. They were actually able to design a way to communicate with a spacecraft which is beyond incredible to be able to give people living in this world the opportunity to stretch out of what they know here on Earth. In addition to working during the day at NASA, David and Dan do side passion projects. One example included the Museum of Awe. When brainstorming for this Museum they put a lot of thought into what the mission of this museum would be and also what form this museum would take. Would the theme of awe and wonder be captured best in a pop up museum or in a stationary building? They talked about human wonder. This museum has not been created yet, but will be a communal exhibition of designs that lead to audience curiosity. Their goal is for unity within our community to have tons of people contribute ideas and galleries. A huge theme throughout their designs I noticed was designing in response to how it is a miracle and a privilege to be alive. This is a beautiful realization and creates so much depth in their designs. Dan and David’s designs seem to awaken curiosity and provoke learning for their viewers. They revolve around experience and embrace human tendency to make sense of what’s around us. Their process typically starts with ideation revolving around an emotional human connection, followed by reorientation and experimentation. They talked about asking the clearest most basic questions in a professional setting in order to be successful. David and Dan say that is their number one take away from working in this field and working on projects like these at NASA.