Stage Design / by Jessica Clark

In this episode, Es walks us through what she does as a stage designer. I found this look into her life to be very insightful into the process of designing a space. Designing a space requires a very creative and particular mind. A few ingredients she uses in her process include: space, light, darkness, scale and time. What I have learned from Es in this episode is that her job requires a very hands on ideation approach. she always starts with finding the task at hand, learning about it and then creating mock ups. Just for watching her, I can tell that she is not afraid to make mistakes. She seems to have an insane level of ambitious drive. She wildly throws ideas that pour meaning into what is already there. She started with bands because that was just what was given to her, designing for music provides her with poetic themes to build off of. I thought it was interesting the way she uses light to design in a very tech looking way. Mirrors seem to be a very key component for her when working on stage design because of the inception-like mind games they play not the audience. Es likes to deconstruct what is visible and play with optical illusions in her spacial stage designs. This allows the audience space to think and interpret her visual elements. Through this episode I learned about exploration with use of materials. It feels as if Es has no boundaries as to what materials she uses in order to execute a specific feeling in her stage designs. She talks about the shift of media and how now it emphasizes what is seen at a concert due to social media. Shows have more exposure than ever before, therefore whatever she designs will be seen by many different angles. Something I have served about her is that she takes life experiences and adapts them to design. I think this is an interesting theme that most artists use, especially very talented ones. The pieces she make are very vulnerable and dynamic. There is so much thought put into each design she creates. This is a powerful thing as so much emotion is captured within each design. She does a tremendous amount of preproduction to prepare for each stage design, adding so much to the value to the final product that gets put into the spotlight.