Design Thinking Post One / by Jessica Clark

This article differentiated design thinking and systems thinking. Design thinking often lends its hands to the ability to problem solve while systems thinking  "Design Thinkers have described DT as a systematic approach to problem-solving that starts from considering the customers and how to create a better picture for them." People who execute design thinking use stepping stones in their process. They practice the notion of try, fail, try again. This is a very powerful and relatable concept on a daily level as a creative. I find myself just taking risks only to fall on my face and redo the whole process. This is a beautiful part of design that I love. The process looks something like identify the goals of the project at hand, define the problem that you are trying to solve, have a phase of ideation or thinking creatively without bounds, try a bunch of stuff good or bad and then launch through the process of creating the final product that endured all the critique phases. With design thinking in mind, next systems thinking branches off of the idea of something being designs and has first and foremost the concerns of the long-lasting characteristics of the design. The question usually pops up of "I have this product but want to get rid of it, what happens when I want an updated version of what's already there?" These two ways of thinking about design both revolve around HCD or human-centered design. The human-centered design idea basically projects the main idea that we should not stray from who we are creating for, of course. Human-centered design reminds us to focus on the people we are creating for. This way of thinking can really help focus the design not on our selves but on others. I believe it to take the selfishness out of design if it is done correctly. I think the first thing we should always keep in check when designing is that our heart is in the right place. 


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