Magazine Publication / by Jessica Clark

With this project, we were tasked to design a magazine layout that contained completely original content. Our goal was to create a publication that took our audience deeper into a category of Seattle.

I chose to create my publication for Seattle’s art and music audience. My target audience is about mid twenties living in Seattle and trying to learn more while keeping up to date on Seattle’s latest art exhibits, music releases, open lofts up for rent, craft stores and resources.

My audience for this project is adults aged 20+ who are interested in Seattle artists and musicians. My designated audience strives for new creative outlets daily and loves to learn more about Seattle’s creative culture.  Consisting of those working in the art industry or at various design firm, music studios, freelance, my audience has interests including art, music, technology, different cultures/ways of doing things etc. Their day to day lifestyle needs include being creative, expressing themselves, learning new things or ideas about the world, and getting fed creative inspiration.

Magazine Spreads FINAL4.jpg

Some important steps in the process included research on my selected audience and content needs, creating a visual language, mood boards, writing and developing content, creating the cover and publication grid,developing a visual language, creating origianal content, and revising spreads according to digital needs. These are some of the images that I looked at when dreaming about my publication's visual language. A strong element that I decided to transfer over to my project was the use of diagonal line throughout my publication. I felt that this showed personality and character within my publication, fitting the edginess of Seattle art and music.