Infographic Design by Jessica Clark

The goal of this project was to create two infographic interrelated posters to support data found for women who are victims of intimate partner violence. The data shows that women who are exposed to this aggresive behavior in relationships have a higher risk of becoming homeless. Due to the journey of this story, I decided to create two posters that coincide and when put together, display this visual connection.

mag mock.jpg

The process of this project began with ideation and sketching. I knew I wanted to transform a narrow topic into something more accessible for an audience. I started to brainstorm what kind of story would best achieve this goal. I created audience profiles of two little girls, each with a different upbringing where they slowly learned that each person's story is unique. 

poster mock info1.jpg

Affects on College Aged Women

This poster contains data infographics about the demographic of females that are heavily affected by intimate partner violence. It focuses on the internal and external affects leading up to homelessness. 

mock info 2.jpg

The Tough Journey Out

This poster takes us through the statistics describing how many college aged women are homeless in a given year due to intimate partner violence and takes us through data tracking how tough it is to get out of that situation.

The last phase of this project was to create an animation containing the data at hand. Although my initial desire was to keep the content cohesive across all mediums, it evolved a bit in color pallette during this phase. I wanted to maintain the illustrative look and added a college aged female as the delegator of data to create a personal aspect.